Video by Blind Lyme Films – in San Miguel de Allende, MX · 2015

Ruben de Haas currently lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Ruben de Haas (1988), the Dutch designer, knows how to set up the foundations for irony and caustic sarcasm. With his dad jokes, slapstick visuals and child-like, colorful illustrations he depicts the daily struggles of Millenials as a Generation, the troubles that come from social interactions, the absolute and futile search for spirituality and playing with words (which is mostly funny for people whose mother tongue is not English, like himself).

His style and humor come from a series of events such as being red and green colorblind, which makes you understand why he uses mix of basic and bright colors such as Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. And also being involved in the Circus scene at an early age. The result is a unique, sober and eclectic eye candy that has punch and a straight forward message.

019_social toiletHis process is chilling and doodling for hours rather than getting into something concrete or pretentious and from that, dozens of wacky illustrations go along with industrial quantities of coffee, hip-hop music and some unhindered swearing. The result comes in a wide variety of topics; from Pop Culture to Lettering. He focuses on the shapes of words & letters and, driven by his OCD, loves to clean all his black marker made drawings in the computer for hours and hours and hours…

The intention of his drawings is to share his perspective in many uncomfortable contexts and to criticize the aspects of a nowadays fucked up identity crisis- to make folks think a little bit – as well as have fun. Through his perception he satirizes the stupidity of people and the many commonplaces of life.

His works are influenced by street art and his opinion is that art should be there for all the people – so even simple Grafitti can have it’s beauty on a brick wall – and may lead to something more elaborate. With the social interaction and communication trends amongst most Millenials, we often don’t need full words to get the whole picture and we can use abbreviations (FML) which are really practical. They work as a language tool that most smart electronics users know. Ruben shows us that we can actually portray a pretty complex context with a few Emojis, some slang, sounds and drawings to keep it simple.

Words by Adrián González

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Sometimes Ruben get’s himself into film & animation too, find them here.