Often just for fun, and every now and then commissioned.

Camera: Canon 60D | Edit: Adobe Premiere
Motion Graphics: Adobe Flash & After Effects


On world-tour with Australian band Evermore to capture the making of Follow the Sun

Ants are pretty cool, Bali

Typography for a music video by Jonny Freesh, Indonesia

Short Animations for Crack Johan

Short documentary, commissioned by 25SDA, Bali

Animated music video for Dann Hume, who’s currently high on Hopium, Melbourne

An interview with Richard D. Bartlett, Wellington – New Zealand

Stop-motion music video for Tiddabad├ęs (now Sunken Seas), New Zealand

At a photography-exhibition & auction event for Palestine by Concerned Citizens, Wellington – NZ

Recap of the Nebulophone workshop, Wellington – NZ

The World of Weird – with Alphabethead, New Zealand

Stopmotion on ‘How to open a coconut’, Indonesia

First meeting with the band Tiddabad├ęs, New Zealand

Shot some cool footage for Sunken Seas, Wellington, NZ

Trying out the Canon 700D with Scott Cottrell, San Diego

Opener for TV-show ‘Fashion Asia’ on Australia Network, made together with Juan Huarte, Australia & Asia

Promotion video for restaurant in Ubud, Bali

Music video for Pete Kartsounes, Bali

Promo video for the #breakfastbar, Ubud

A short film about Dragonfly Village, Indonesia